Flexible Smart Card Module - DECPF1D Series

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    Product Introduction:

    The tag consists of a Tongfang micro THD89 chip, an antenna, and a substrate. "It does not carry a power supply, but uses an antenna to obtain the energy emitted by the reader and writer for operation. Communication with the reader and writer is achieved using NFC radio frequency technology, which can display power loss. Typical applications are digital RMB consumer applications.".

    Specification and size:


    Finished product: 85.60 * 53.98 * 0.85mm

    Substrate process:


    Device welding process:


    Product form:

    Independent product form: profiled structure pressing, adhesive sealing card, etc

    Placing terminal devices: watches, bracelets, student cards, portrait cards, work cards, etc

    Application field:

    Digital RMB payment application, etc

    More support:

    Other shapes, processes, and functions can be customized as required

    Sensing distance:


    Metal resistance:

    I won't support it

    Operating mode:


    Storage capacity:


    Erase Life:


    Data retention period:



    1. There is an anti power analysis module

    2. There is a high and low frequency detection and reset module, which automatically resets the chip when its operating frequency exceeds the detection range

    3. ROM reverse extraction, memory data encryption

    Operating temperature:

    0~50 ℃

    Storage temperature:

    -25~60 ℃

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