NFC Location Identification Scheme - Two Wheel Electric Vehicle Collector (Ground Fixed Position Label)


Campus One-Card Application - Portable Mobile Terminal Equipment Cuts into Mobile Card Terminal Technology Scheme

1、 Campus one-card application system platform

2、 Mobile card end products

3、 Entry point for portable mobile terminal equipment

4、 Technical Scheme for Portable Mobile Terminal Equipment Cutting into Mobile Card Terminal

(1) M1 Logical Encryption Card Technical Scheme

(2) Single interface CPU smart card technology solution

(3) Dual interface CPU smart card technology solution

(4) Dual-frequency RFID card technical solution

5、 Exploration and precipitation of campus one-card closed-loop network technology, products, and application standards

Exploration and precipitation of campus one-card closed-loop network technology, products, and application standards. JPG

(1) RF technology and application issues:

1. Multi mode application case software and hardware configuration and management;

2. The underlying RF electrical protocol (compatibility, card reading effect);

3. RF electrical performance (compatibility, card reading effect, anti-interference stability).

(2) Security issues:

1. Card side security (easy to crack), and card reader side security issues are relatively rare (SAM is always on the server);

Improvements: Adjust to a CPU smart card for underlying protocol security encryption, and adjust to a random number security authentication, commonly referred to as underlying chip security SE (L1 layer).

2. The multimodal application data interaction between the card end and the card reader/server is typically referred to as business flow interaction security (L2 layer), which involves case standardization and process security processing;

3. Provide SE basic services to SE publishers and application service providers to achieve SE lifecycle management, security domain creation, business application download, and personalization, which is called TSM trusted service management;

4. TEE is an independent execution environment running in parallel with Rich OS, providing security services for Rich environments. Namely, the terminal operating system security zone mode;

5. Network identification and authentication security, i.e. L3 layer mode.

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