Identification and commercial application of bills based on NFC anti-counterfeiting identification technology

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With the improvement of living standards, people's entertainment methods have greatly changed, and various forms of activities such as watching movies, traveling, visiting museums, and enjoying concerts have gradually become commonplace. From scenic spot tickets to concert tickets and party tickets, counterfeiting and forgery are inevitable.

Many people have the experience of buying tickets, so how can we distinguish between a ticket purchased and a genuine ticket? How to prevent counterfeit tickets?

The vast majority of common anti-counterfeiting methods focus on the materials and processes of anti-counterfeiting labels, such as hidden markings on packaging, color changing ink, intaglio printing, and watermarks. These belong to traditional anti-counterfeiting technologies. Or QR code, barcode, etc.

With the development of social economy, "intentional" people can easily obtain these special materials, equipment, and processes, and it is difficult to distinguish the authenticity of counterfeit bills. Therefore, this technology does not have a good anti-counterfeiting effect.

Moreover, with the rapid development of the bill business, there has been a sharp increase in the number of cases where some illegal elements use bills to defraud through copying, counterfeiting, and other means. These cases not only caused significant economic losses to enterprises and customers, but also affected the stability of social security and order. In order to overcome this phenomenon, a single anti-counterfeiting technology can no longer meet the needs of bill anti-counterfeiting, so it is imperative to promote modern anti-counterfeiting bill technology.

To combat counterfeiting, we need scientific methods!

Sunshine Good Electronics has developed a label based on NFC anti-counterfeit identification technology. When the NFC label is integrated with the product through technical means such as implantation and synthesis, the NFC card reader in the device can immediately verify its identity and identify the authenticity when it is read/entered close to it.

Each NFC anti-counterfeiting label is scanned by a mobile phone, and accurate identification results can be obtained immediately. There is no limit to the number of times of identification, and no matter how many times of identification, the anti-counterfeiting effect will not be affected.

Sunshine Good Electronics NFC anti-counterfeiting identification technology is applied to bill anti-counterfeiting, which can be easily detected by scanning. It is not easy to be copied and embezzled through encryption. Product information comes from the official release of the enterprise, and the query channel is formal and professional, achieving high efficiency in product information anti-counterfeiting.

Sunshine Good Electronics Co., Ltd. is committed to the organic combination of Internet of Things technology and "Internet plus", and constantly exploring the application field of RFID wireless RF technology.

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