Sunshine Good Electronics and Shenbei Circuit (Hong Kong) reached a strategic cooperation agreement

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On December 3, 2018, Shijia Electronics officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shenbei Circuit (Hong Kong) at its headquarters in Xixiang, Bao'an, Shenzhen, and authorized Shenbei Circuit (Hong Kong) to be a distributor outside China to market Shijia electronic modules, antennas, PCB circuit boards, and other designated products. Shijia Electronics, in conjunction with Shenbei Circuit (Hong Kong), comprehensively provides product project planning, scheme selection, technical research and development, production and manufacturing for customers outside China Support services such as evaluation and certification.

Shijia Electronic Research and Development Center: provides IDH modules&modules led by RF and RF technology, as well as embedded integration modules with ESS, such as NFC antenna, NFC module, ZIGBEE module, NB-IOT module, Bluetooth BLE-IOT module, Bluetooth multi-function card, Bluetooth card reader, NB card reader, etc.

Shijia Electronic Evaluation and Certification Service Center: providing circuit board component product testing solutions; Provide EMV, PAYPASS, PAYWAVE certification and evaluation services for terminal products such as smart cards, bracelets, POS machines, and card readers.

Shijia Electronic Circuit Board Component Manufacturing Center: provides manufacturing and processing of conventional flexible circuit boards, ultra-thin rigid circuit boards, and rigid flexible combination circuit boards; Provide ODM supply services for hardware electronics, devices, and microelectronics circuit boards.


Certificate of Authorized Distributor Outside China


Authorization Ceremony of Shijia Electronic Manufacturing Center

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