Warmly celebrate Zhu Jie's more than six years of cooperation between Borang Bluetooth Headset related companies and Sunshine Good Electronics

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Warmly celebrate Zhu Jie's cooperation with Shijia Electronic Circuit Board Division for more than six years in projects such as NFC antenna modular circuit board, flexible connector cabling, and headphone motherboard for specific Bluetooth earphones. Shijia Electronic RF hardware electronics, circuit board manufacturing technology, and product quality stability have been achieved

Highly recognized by companies related to JEPOLAND.

GN Store Nord has been a telegraph company since 1869 and is now a global market leader in personal communications, providing users with more mobility and quality of life. GN develops and produces earphones for hands-free communication, visual equipment, and auditory diagnostic equipment. GN Product Marketing

Globally, GN Store Nord is listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange (Reuters: GN; Bloomberg: GGNDF).

Jabra is a brand of Greater Nordic Communication Equipment Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Its subsidiary, GN Store Nord A/S (GN), has been listed in Stockholm. Jabra is a world-renowned manufacturer of innovative solutions for earphones and hands-free telephones.

The relevant Bluetooth earphone projects of Jiebolang have been cooperating with Shijia Electronics since 2015. Based on the manufacturing of circuit boards, projects such as NFC antenna circuit boards, flexible connector cabling, Bluetooth earphone motherboards, etc. have been gradually carried out. The integrated service model of research and development, manufacturing, and evaluation of Shijia Electronics has been effectively praised by the teams of relevant companies in Jiebolang.



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