Hardware electronic circuit board - functional circuit simulation or functional circuit module embedding

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Printed Circuit Board, also known as Printed Circuit Board, is a provider of electrical connections for electronic components, often serving as a functional connection carrier, and belongs to the category of electronic component components. According to the circuit board hierarchy, it can be divided into single panel, double sided board, four layer board, six layer board, and other multi-layer boards; According to the material characteristics of circuit boards, they can be divided into rigid circuit boards (RPCB), flexible circuit boards (FPCB), and rigid flexible combination circuit boards (R-FPCB); According to the development direction of circuit boards, exploration can be divided into microelectronic circuit boards, hardware electronic circuit boards, component circuit boards, and so on. The editor of Shijia Electronic Component Manufacturing Business Department is sharing hardware electronic circuit board products with you this time. We welcome electronic circuit enthusiasts to revise and optimize my ideas.


The concept of hardware was born with the development of the computer industry, and is often referred to as computer hardware. It is a generic term for various physical devices (structures) composed of electronic, mechanical, and photoelectric components in a computer system. Nowadays, the concept of hardware has been widely used in electronic product terminals and is synonymous with visible components within a device.

Electronic Circuit refers to a circuit composed of electronic devices and related radio components. It includes circuits such as amplification, oscillation, rectification, detection, modulation, frequency conversion, waveform conversion, and various control circuits. Widely used in various electronic devices. According to the different forms of processed signals, electronic circuits can generally be divided into two categories: analog circuits and digital circuits. The electronic circuits used to transmit and process analog signals are called analog circuits; The electronic circuit that transmits and processes digital signals is called a digital circuit. Generally, electronic circuits have product states such as connection diagrams, assembly drawings, schematic diagrams, PCB wiring diagrams, and CAM manufacturing drawings.

Shijia Electronics summarizes and analyzes the development direction of semiconductor, integrated circuit IC, IDH module&module, and embedded integrated ESS. One of the breakthrough trends in the future of circuit boards is the integration of component assembly carriers into electronic circuit technology and hardware technology.


Hardware Electronic Circuit Pcb refers to the research, development, manufacturing, and functional evaluation process of integrating analog or digital circuit functional modules that need to be implemented into conventional circuit boards through hardware electronic design and circuit board manufacturing process design. The final step is still the processing of component carriers and electrical connectors. Two relatively easy to implement product models: circuit board manufacturing technology embedded in electronic circuit functional modules, and circuit board manufacturing technology simulating functional circuits.

Hardware electronic circuit boards effectively coordinate the problem points between hardware electronic EDA engineers and circuit board CAM engineers. The fusion technology compresses the accessory space, reduces some product costs, increases the difficulty of technical copying, shortens the R&D and manufacturing cycles of electronic products, and provides semiconductor designers with alternative manufacturing directions.

Shijia electronic circuit board manufacturing technology is embedded in electronic circuit functional modules, and the precipitated products are as follows:

Anti interference circuit (including shielding film, wave absorbing material, etc.) module placement, anti detection/anti disassembly MESH security module placement, patch resistor/capacitor placement, eSE security module placement, RFID electronic label placement (such as NFC-TAG), etc.

Shijia electronic circuit board manufacturing technology simulates functional circuits, and precipitates the following products:

Conventional planar inductance/capacitance/resistance circuit simulation, NFC antenna coil circuit simulation, WPC-QI wireless charging circuit simulation, RFID antenna coil circuit simulation, WIFI/Bluetooth antenna circuit simulation, anti detection/anti disassembly MESH circuit simulation, anti interference EMI circuit simulation, anti electrostatic ESD circuit simulation, planar transformer circuit simulation, etc.


The editor believes that the current stage is an era of resource integration, and of course, the era of single technology and single product management has gradually become the past. It is inevitable for business platforms to explore diversified technology/product models. Shenzhen Shijia Electronics Co., Ltd. originated from PCB design and expanded its circuit board factory. At this stage, it has made a breakthrough in the direction of integrated component manufacturing, fully responding to the transformation trend of the circuit board industry chain structure, and fully supporting the development strategy of the national industrial revolution.

Hardware electronic circuit board is a technology, a product, and a function. It is one of the hopes for the development of the circuit board industry at this stage.


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