ID card cloud decoding technology, products, and application solutions

Identity recognition application

ID card reading (comparative verification of personal cards): police patrol, customs clearance inspection, grid management, tenant management, hotel guest management;

Collection of identification information: registration and collection of specific information for personnel entering and leaving the park/building/community property/government agency;

Real name registration: logistics services, epidemic prevention and screening, population census, floating population management, electronic ticketing management, other administrative management, etc;

Identity card: access control, attendance, door lock, library borrowing and returning management, replacement of hospital medical card, replacement of driver's license, etc;

Identity authentication: Authorization and authentication of smart car owners, financial and tax management (such as KEY Shield application), government, enterprise, and government affairs.

Personal ID Card Cloud Reading

A card reader that can connect to the authorized decoding channel of the public security system can identify the province, city, date of birth, serial number, men and women, name, gender, nationality, ID card number, household address, person photos and other data information of the ID card through proximity non-contact induction, and display them in the form of complete license/partial data information shielding, so that the staff can verify the use of the ID card or other identification and authentication needs. That is, personal identity certificate cloud reading, also known as "personal identity cloud decoding".

Shijia Electronic Personal Identity Card Cloud Reading Scheme Architecture

NFC/RFID identification acquisition terminal module: a hardware module that realizes the function of proximity non-contact induction identification and identification

SDK: Driver hardware module, integrated license cloud reading interface, simplified application secondary development

APP: Client application development and integrated application management platform access

Application business background server: cloud read account management, device binding management, and other business logic

Cloud reading system: processes decoding authorization requests and returns decoding information

Implementation Method for Cloud Reading of Personal Identity Card of Terminal Equipment

A proximity RFID module has been embedded in the terminal device, which directly calls the SDK interface to develop a customer application app. After account application, device binding, and decoding authorization activation, cloud reading of ID and eID electronic licenses can be achieved.

The terminal device does not have a short range RFID module embedded in it. By purchasing our module to add NFC functionality to the device, you can achieve ID card and eID electronic license reading, and support the following methods of connection: wired connection plug-in (card reader: USB, OTG, serial port, 232) and wireless connection plug-in (smart watch: Bluetooth BLE).

Common terminal devices: plug-in interface card readers, watches/bracelets inserted into decoding card reading modules, PDA/tablet computer terminals inserted into decoding card reading modules, etc.

Shijia Electronic Short Range Radio Frequency Identification Module (RFID Identification Acquisition Terminal Module&NFC Full Function Module)

SGA908NFC-A11: ID Card Cloud Reading, eID Electronic License Cloud Reading, General NFC Function Extension

SGA910NFC-B11: ID Card Cloud Reading, eID Electronic License Cloud Reading, eID Electronic License Local Reading

SGA906NFC-G11: ID Card Cloud Reading, eID Electronic License Cloud Reading, Android Native NFC Function Extension


Sunshine Good Electronic Internet of Things Application one-stop service

Provide identity recognition application operation architecture mode and platform server planning;

Provide evaluation and data joint debugging of various terminal equipment cloud reading IoT application solutions;

Provide various terminal equipment procurement services;

Provide cloud reading, information recognition, specific information collection, and real name registration bundled multimodal application APP software development;

Provide cloud reading Internet of Things application environment, network interconnection and interworking problem point evaluation, and compatibility standard debugging services.

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