Solution for anti-counterfeiting application of electric toothbrush brush head

1、 Pain point analysis

Currently, there are many types of brush heads for electric toothbrushes, with uneven quality. Counterfeits and imitations often occur. Affecting the user experience,

Bringing losses to manufacturers of electric toothbrushes and consumables.

To address the above issues, our company has launched an anti-counterfeiting application solution that can be intelligently managed with an electric toothbrush device terminal

The electric toothbrush can automatically identify genuine brush heads, automatically select corresponding driving modes, and intelligently record the service life of the brush head, improving

Customer experience, improve product sales, and protect the brand rights of manufacturers of electric toothbrushes and brush heads.

2、 Program Features


. Not just anti-counterfeiting

It also has functions such as anti-counterfeiting identification, information advertising website navigation, and Bluetooth fast pairing to improve the product image and grade;

(1) . NFC protocol library (implantable electric toothbrush master MCU)

Support for Bluetooth control platform:

Furikun: 801X series, 800X series;


REALTEK: 8762X series;

Huiding: 6616 series;

Ongway: 6621X series;

NORDIC: 528X series

Supports pure MCU platforms: GD, Huada, Xintang, Hetai, Hangshun, etc

(2) . NFC card reader chip:

Skyray, Fudan WeChat, Tongfang WeChat, NXP, ST, etc

(3) . NFC card reader antenna customization (RF modulation)

Flexible circuit board process, ultra-thin rigid circuit board process, enameled wire winding process, enameled wire winding substrate process, copper etching process, aluminum/copper metal printing process

(4) NFC label module customization

2. Industrial grade design, compact size, complete structure, waterproof and stain proof;

3. Effectively identify the brush head type and automatically select the corresponding drive mode, which is convenient to use;

4. Intelligently record the service life of the brush head and remind users to replace the brush head in a timely manner;

5. 100% effective identification;

For more plans, please contact Mr. Xie at 13699820470

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